In your opinion – Admira Malaga Conservatorio Classical Guitar

Admira Malaga Conservatorio with solid cedar top

Full of admiration

Admira Guitars are the go-to manufactures of beginner and student classical Spanish guitars, with a well-earned reputation for producing an excellent range of entry-level models. There isn’t a product in their catalogue that can’t boast an exceptionally good price-quality ratio.

One of the most successful guitar brands in the world today, Admira also produce handcrafted and electrified models.

The Admira Malaga Conservatorio with stunning sappely back

By popular demand

And it’s not difficult to pinpoint why the Admira Malaga Conservatorio in particular has such universal appeal: the characteristics of this very special model are way beyond its pay grade. In all probability there’s a student guitarist somewhere around the world practising their Malaga Conservatorio from GFS as we speak.

Perfect string action: Admira Malaga Conservatorio

First among equals

So, just what is it about the Admira Malaga Conservatorio that makes it such a popular (and savvy) choice of first instrument?

Playability and precision are two of the most important considerations when looking to buy any entry-level guitar. If the instrument is difficult to play, it obviously won’t inspire the learner guitarist to pick it up and practise. And Admira have nailed both, here. With precise craftsmanship, excellent materials and an especially calibrated action to suit beginners, the Admira Malaga Conservatorio ticks all the boxes.

Susana from Spain and Eric from Belgium are only two of the not-so-secret admirers of the Malaga Conservatorio who acquired their first guitar from us at GFS. Read on to see what they have to say.

Precious metals and woods: Admira Malaga Conservatorio headstock

Susana – Spain  Admira Malaga Conservatorio Guitarra Clásica 

Buenos días Manuel,
Ayer por fin recibimos la guitarra. Comentarle que es realmente preciosa y espero que se le quede la cara de admiración que se me quedó a mí en cuanto la vi.
Gracias por todo y espero poder adquirir un modelo superior más adelante.

The lovely gloss finish of the Admira Malaga Conservatorio shines through

Isn’t she lovely

She certainly is, Susana. This top-notch instrument has the understated beauty and flawless finish you’d expect to find on a premium guitar model. In fact, the Admira Malaga Conservatorio probably deserves a gong for aesthetics in the category of Best Student Models.

Admira Malaga Conservatorio kabuki fingerboard

Eric – Belgium  Admira Malaga conservatorio Guitar Classique

Received , nice guitar and great sound

Thank you 

The Admira Malaga Conservatorio with contrasting cedar top and sappely back

For a song

From the solid cedar top to the African Mahogany neck and Kabukali fingerboard, all of the woods of the Admira Malaga Conservatorio have been carefully selected to produce a lively and well-balanced tone, with warm and mature sounds. Not to mention an impressive sustain.

Plus, it is comfortable to hold and to play, and customers who bought this model in the past also tell us that the sound gets even better in time, Eric.

And you get all of this for the price of an entry-level guitar. What’s not to like?