Guitar from Spain only sells classical and flamenco guitars made in Spain because we know the difference between our guitars and their imitations. The market is flooded with low-cost products with a similar look and a terrible musical result. Classical and Flamenco guitars made in Spain are crafted with selected materials, wood cured for years and the expert hands of our craftsmen. Among the many Spanish guitar makers in our country, we have selected the highest quality companies that can offer the most extensive catalog of models and prices. Alhambra guitars, Raimundo guitars, Camps guitars are some of our supliers. In our store you will find all guitar models for students, for concert players, for professional musicians, for children and for guitar lovers. In all you will find a common denominator: quality guitars in every price range. We have been in business for more than 20 years and we have distributed and sold all kinds of guitars from the best manufacturers in the world. Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Yamaha, Ibanez and many more. Big brands capable of producing great instruments, but when it comes to classical and flamenco guitars, none can compare in sound and finish to the guitars made in Spain. This conviction made us pose the creation of this site. A platform specializing in the sale of these instruments outside our borders at very competitive prices. In a time when the price has beaten quality, we hope to restore the value of products so nicely done at a fair price. Welcome to Guitar From Spain.