Reasons to buy a guitar in

Reason 1: Authenticity


The market, and particularly the web is flooded with guitar stores that promise to sell “Spanish guitars” or classical guitars made in Spain. Some of them even have spanish names but the reality is that they are made in China, Indonesia or some other far east countries. That should not be a problem as long as you know what you are buying, where is coming from and accept they limitations. Some other stores have a mix of products, some guitars come from spain, others come from reputed guitar brands but made in China with good looks but dubious quality and others are totally dubious in look, quality and sound. The problem for the consumer, particularly if you are buying online is that is very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and that is why we are here.


Guitar from Spain only sell Spanish guitars made in Spain from some of the best manufactures of classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars. With that idea in mind we created, to make easy for the consumer to find, identify, select and buy “the real thing” without the doubt of getting the wrong product. Visit