Reason 2.- Materials


Most people knows that one of the most important factors in the sound of a good guitar is the wood selection for it but very few know that is even more important the drying process of the actual wood.

The ideal drying process for the wood used in a guitar is to let it dry in a correct climate. That takes time and require to be in the right place for it. Most companies that build guitars for the masses use artificial methods like special ovens to accelerate the process. Of course, the quality of that wood is not nearly as good as the one dried for years naturally.

The south of Spain and particularly the mediterranean coast has the perfect balance of humidity and dryness for that purpose and most spanish manufactures have a large stock of properly dried wood in their factories. Solid cedar, solid spruce, indian rosewood, brazilian rosewood, ebony, cypress and other precious woods are aged for more than 15 years in some cases.

That is the main ingredient for a perfect, consistent and durable guitar. The selection of the woods particularly for the soundboard and the construction method will also determine the tone and balance of the guitar, but that will be the next reason to buy one spanish guitar in