The guitar of your dreams


Many people are looking for the best classical guitar, the best flamenco guitar or the best acoustic guitar. Sometimes that search takes long time and lead people into frustration. They are so many guitar brands and so many guitar models out there that I understand how confusing that may be for the potential buyer.

If we concentrate in the middle to upper range of classical guitars and flamenco guitars the choices still very wide but assuming that guitarists are looking for a quality guitar, preferably hand made and with a good reputation, our main recommendation is to look for a guitar made in Spain. The reason in simple, these guys have been making guitars for centuries and they also have managed to combine traditional methods with the innovation of modern manufacturing. Brands like Alhambra guitars, Raimundo Guitars, Admira guitars, Camps guitars or Ramirez guitars just to name a few can actually make your dream guitar without breaking an arm and a leg.

Considering that they are still hand made in practically all their manufacturing process, it’s quite amazing that you can find guitars from them for around 200€ with solid tops, and not only that, they sound and perform admirably. Here are some examples:

Guitars for beguinners

If we move up to the 500€ range the quality that we can get may surprise more than one. Solid top guitars with solid top back and sides in some cases made with quality woods dried naturally not in ovens. The sound and action in those guitars correspond to much more expensive guitars.

From 1.000€ and up you will find professional classical guitars and professional flamenco guitars, totally hand made and with a quality that can rival those from reputed Luthiers with small production. Those guitars are great for professional guitarists and advanced students that don’t want or can’t afford to spend a fortune in a guitar. The quality of details along with superb sound and selected woods makes those guitars a great investment for the future because they age incredibly well and the sound of the sound board improves with age.


These days the demand of amplification systems for classical and flamenco guitars is increasing and spanish guitar manufacturers incorporate in their catalogues a big range of them. those guitars are available with or without cutaway and are also available in full body or narrow body versions. You can get the same quality woods and craftsmanship of the equivalent standard model and they are equipped with the best amplification systems from renowned brands like Fishman, Shadow or Roland.


The sophistication of the spanish guitar have made them to incorporate MIDI systems in some of their models. Guitar makers like Raimundo, Ramirez or Camps have dedicated MIDI guitars with the best performing MIDI converters and pick-ups in the market like RMC or Roland.


Just to make it clear, the guitar of your dreams exist and it’s here. You don’t have to expend a fortune to get it and is easy to find thru our web site. Wether you are a looking  for  guitar for beginner, advanced student or professional guitar player, your guitar is here. Please contact us if you need any advise or you are not sure about the guitar you need.