Customized guitars – Raimundo 646 MIDI extra wide neck


One of the great things about working directly with the manufacturer is the possibility of customizing some standard models of guitars in order to adapt them to some special needs. This is the case of the Flamenco guitar Raimundo 646 MIDI that we have just received today for a client that 2 months ago asked for the possibility of ordering a model 646 MIDI with a neck of 62mm. This client have big hands and big fingers, and found quite difficult to perform well in a standard 50-52mm neck width flamenco guitar. He loved the Raimundo 646 MIDI and wandered if it was possible to order it with a wider neck. We asked the people at Raimundo and the said: No problem. In 8-10 weeks your client can have the guitar he wants. Just tell us the details of the modifications. 9 weeks later we have this adapted 646 MIDI with all the specifications of this wonderful guitars and the neck that our client wanted.

Compared to the standard model, the guitar is exactly the same in every aspect apart from the neck width, which it has being beautifully adapted to the standard body of the guitar in a very elegant way.


The RMC Polydrive System IV has being adapted to the guitar in the same way as usual, but with the new golden finnish, in stead of the previous black finish plate for the controls. I think that this new finish matches the guitar perfectly. The divided pickup and the six independent saddles where installed with the same perfect precision as we have encountered them in other units of the 646 MIDI.

Raimundo-646-MIDI-modified-3  Raimundo-646-MIDI-modified-6  Raimundo-646-MIDI-modified-7

The multi pin connector and the 1/4″ jack connector was positioned at the bottom of the guitar near the battery compartment. Nothing different from the standard model.


For all those who wonder if the bridge was modified, I say no. The client didn’t wanted the bridge modified so he could do the “rasgueos” as he was used to do them. Of course, we tried the guitar and we found it a bit estrange at first, but after few seconds, we discovered that the guitar was as comfortable to play as any other Raimundo flamenco guitar but with a wider neck. I have to say that not all manufacturers of spanish guitars are so open to make modifications to their standard models, but Raimundo is very open to do it. If you ever need some adaptation of a guitar that doesn’t require a total modification of the guitar, feel free to contact us

and we will give you a quotation and a deadline for it.