Raimundo Clave de FA Baritone Guitar

Raimundo Clave de Fa C Front

Raimundo Guitars at Guitar From Spain, one of the best guitar makers in Spain have recently introduced a new model of guitar in its catalog. Its not another classical, flamenco or acoustic guitar. Its a completely new instrument. The Classical Baritone Guitar. The guitar Raimundo Clave de FA is a new and unique instrument that has been created to complete the instrumental family of guitars.

Raimundo Clave de Fa C Back

Considering the standard guitar as a Tenor instrument opposed to the requinto or Soprano Guitar, this new instrument comes to cover the low tessitura existing between the Bass Guitar and the standard or Tenor guitar, considering its tonal range, its right to call it Baritone guitar.

Raimundo Clave de Fa C Close 1

The tuning on this new instrument is B-E-A-D-F#-B. For which it has a set of strings specially developed for this instrument.

The baritone guitar Raimundo Clave de FA is a guitar with a longer scale length, larger body, and heavier internal bracing, so it can be tuned to a lower pitch. This special guitar is a must to have for guitar collector and for the experimental musician.

Raimundo Clave de Fa C Close 2

Totally hand made by Raimundo guitars in Spain, The Raimundo Clave de Fa-C is a beautiful baritone guitar with a deep and interesting tonal range. This guitar has an scale lenght of 660mm, cutaway body, solid german spruce top and ebony Macassar back and sides. The neck is made of american cedar with ebony fingerboard. Apart from the original bass clef shaped hole on the top of the guitar, the guitar features a beautiful bridge and a “sound port” on the upper bout of the guitar. An electrified version is also available, the model Clave de FA-E with a Fishman Clasica Blend preamp system, combining a piezo pickup under the bridge and an internal microphone inside the preamp.

Raimundo Clave-de-Fa-E Close 2

In this video you can see and hear the Raimundo Clave de FA played by Jose Pruñonosa:

Another audio example of the Raimundo Clave de FA-E (Electrified version) by Jorge Lario:

Here are some specifications of the Raimundo Clave de FA Baritone Guitar:

– Top: Solid European spruce
– Back and sides: Ebony Macassar (Diospyros Ebenum)
– Fingerboard: Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum)
– Bridge: Indian rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)
– Neck: American cedar (Cedrela Olorata)
– Machinehead: Golden
– Scale: 660 mm.
– Nut width: 50.5 mm.

– Electronics: Fishman Clasica Blend (model Clave de FA-E only)

If you want to see the whole range of Raimundo Guitars, visit Raimundo guitars at www.guitarfromspain.com