Alhambra’s Ebony reinforcement of the neck

Alhambra’s  Classical and Flamenco guitars have an internal strip of ebony to reinforce their beautiful necks. This reinforcement provides additional rigidity to the guitars. Since it is placed contramalla, the ebony strip avoids the unlikely event that the neck could split or warp as a result of being exposed to low humidity.

The strip of ebony extends from the lower end of the neck (image no 1) to the head of the instrument (image no 2) and along the entire length of the neck (image no 3).




In previous designs the strip was visible on the rear of the neck. In current designs, the reinforcement is placed inside the neck in order to achieve a more elegant and lighter guitar.

Every model starting with the guitar Alhambra 5P is built and designed with this ebony reinforcement which can be seen using the methods shown below:

a) Using a mirrow, you can reach inside the soundhole of your Alhambra guitar and point the mirrow towards the heel of the lower end of the neck. (Image no 4).


b) By removing the nut of the guitar, the upper end of the ebony strip will be visible. Since the nut is not glued to the neck of the guitar, for this procedure all you will need to do is to take the strings of the instrument off (images no 5, 6 y 7).