All Alhambra guitars are hand made in Spain with high quality woods selected around the world by a team of specialist.

From model 1C to 3C back and sides are made of laminated mahogany, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck and cedar top. (all models are available in spruce)

Alhambra 1C
Alhambra 1C
Alhambra 2C
Alhambra 3C

From 4P to 6P included back and sides are made of laminated Indian rosewood and like on concert models you have an ebony fingerboard.

Alhambra 4P
Alhambra 5P
Alhambra 6P

From the 7P guitars are made with solid wood for back and sides.
You have laquer finish on guitars, but nitrocellulose lacquer finish from the 8P, the first entry concert model.

Alhambra 7PA
Alhambra 8P
Alhambra 9P

As the numbers go up (1c to 11p) quality of wood is higher grade.
The signatures models (from the linea profesional to Luthier) models are only made by two Luthiers Margarit and Mengual and the Vilaplana models by master Vilaplana.

We have only mentioned some of the standard models of each Alhambra classical guitars. Most of them have cutaway versions, top variations and electronics built in. You can check the whole line of Alhambra guitars at