Inside Alhambra Guitars Workshop

Alhambra Guitars are one of the best internationally known spanish guitar makers. They make guitars for every price range and from beginners to professional concert players. Inside Alhambra factory there is a small workshop where luthiers like Magaritt and Mengual make the Linea professional of Alhambra guitars with the best woods available and after a continuous research of guitar making techniques. For those that can understand spanish it will be very interesting what they say about guitar making methods, the different type of woods they use for the top of the guitar and the body and how harmonic bars can affect the sound of the guitar. The quality of the video is not very good but their opinions and thoughts are very interesting.

The next video have a better quality and shows the new Linea Profesional of Alhambra guitars.

Those Luthier models of Alhambra guitars represent the best investment you can make in a guitar from Alhambra. Professional models at a very reasonable price. You do not have to spend thousands of euros to buy a professional great sounding Classical guitar or Flamenco guitar. Here is where you get the most of every single euro you spend on a guitar. Models like the Linea Profesional, the Luthier Flamenca, the Luthier India or Luthier Exótico are wonderful guitars that will give you total pleasure to play and will perform like much more expensive guitars in any stage for the most demanding audience.

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