The music you made with our guitars – Part 2

Hotel Madrid

Again Marcel Flendrie or “Duckbear” as he is known in the artistic world has gratefully surprised us with another composition performed and recorded with the Ramirez 2N CWE that he bought from us not long ago. “Hotel Madrid” is his new song and is an engaging and relaxing piece of guitar music very tasteful and inspiring.

I asked Marcel how he recorded the sound of the Ramirez 2N CWE. I wanted to know if he recorded his guitar tracks using the Roland AP-1 Preamp system built in the Ramirez or if he used a microphone or both (As I explained in a previous post) and this is what he answered:

“The main guitar is recorded with microphone. The additional left and right guitars are a combination of mic and AP1 recorded simultaneously. 
I am still experimenting with the setup. For fingerpicking I feel a mic recording gives the most faithful recording, but for soloing and plectrum playing the AP-1 gives a great sound as well. At this moment I mostly use the second preset which is more bossanova -style and really usable for pop. I am now working on a recording using only the AP-1″.
Ramirez 2N CWE Electro-Classical Guitar