A spanish guitar, the perfect christmas present


As christmas is coming up we start wondering about the perfect gift for our beloved. The latest piece of high tech gadget is normally at the top of many people’s list and yes, it is a good option but how long does it last? Not much actually. Very soon a new gadget will come to replace our expensive and precious present in the mind of the gifted one. We can always opt for the practical present and we can give him/her a new electric drill, a nice jumper or an annual subscription to the gym but yes, there’s not much passion or illusion in those presents.

A classic but often forgotten one is a guitar. A guitar is more than a present. A guitar is a present with a project attached for those who always wanted to learn how to play and never took the decision to do it or a present with a sentimental charge for those that wanted a new guitar for ages and did’n had the chance or the money to buy it.

A guitar for everyone


When we get to this point many people will wonder what guitar to buy. It`s not difficult to get wrong when you buy a quality guitar. If you get away from imitations or unknown brands and buy a guitar from reputable manufacturers of spanish guitars you only have to concentrate in the level of the performer and in your budget. Even if you get one of the entry models from manufactures like Alhambra guitars, Raimundo Guitars, Admira guitars or Camps guitars just to name a few, you know you are buying a quality classical guitar or flamenco guitar hand made in Spain. Here you have some examples of guitars for beginners rangin from 150€ to 250€ with solid tops, comfortable action and a very good sound. Some of them you can find them in different sizes (Señorita 7/8, cadete 3/4 or Requinto 1/2) for the youngest, as a traveller guitar or for players with smaller hands or bodies.


For the students or for more advanced players there are some models with higher grade woods, better overall quality and more volume. Between 300€ and 600€ you can find many spanish guitars with a quality and sound that sometimes rival more expensive guitars. There are some classics like the Alhambra 4P, the Raimundo 136, the Admira Virtuoso or the Camps SP6. Models that have been in the market for many years but they have keep improving their quality and tone.


Ranging from 700€ and up you can find a spanish guitar for the most demanding guitarist. You don’t have to spend few thousand Euros to find an amazing classical or flamenco guitar hand made in Spain. Those guitars are made with mastery, experience and love for the instrument. Guitars like the Alhambra 9P, Alhambra 11P, Alhambra Linea Profesional, Ramirez R2, Ramirez FL2, Raimundo 150, Raimundo 160, Raimundo 148, Camps Primera, Camps M16 or Camps M14 represent a great value for money for a professional classical guitar or flamenco guitar. Of course you can spend much more but you won’t always get a much better guitar or at least you won’t justify the big difference in price. In any case, we are not talking about money in this article, we are talking about making someone happy with an amazing, emotional and unforgettable present. Choose yours, there are many guitars in every price range and if you are not sure you can always contact with the people at www.guitarfromspain.com, they are really nice guys and they can give you the advice you need.