From Nylon to Steel and Back

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Well, peeps we have our first guest post today from the very talented Rick Alexander (you may remember his name from a post back in September last year. If you want to recap head here). So, without further ado, over to Rick…..

From Nylon to Steel and Back  by Rick Alexander 

A few weeks ago Nicole posted about how to get back into classical guitar after a long break. That day I emailed her with an idea for a similar topic:  How about a post about  “how to change back and forth between playing steel string and nylon string guitar?”   So I was pleasantly surprised when Nicole suggested I write a post myself about this topic.  Thank you Nicole!

I wonder if there are a few of you out there like me. For almost 20 years now nylon string guitar has been my first love. But I’ve been fickle…

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