The Metronome, a friend of the guitarist

The metronome must be like a friend of the guitarist in the classical, flamenco or any other music style

Many people believe that the metronome is used only when playing the guitar in a group or accompanied by other instruments or disciplines.

Nevertheless, the metronome has to be an ally, you cannot follow the “beeps”, you have to internalize the rhythm and go on time.

In addition to playing on time, thanks to the use of this essential accessory for the guitarist, you’ll improve several aspects related to the guitar.Wittner 818 OakWITTNER 818 WITH BELL IN OAK

Higher accuracy

A common explanation of guitar teachers is that if you are able to perform an exercise slowly, you will be able to do it faster. This is a fact, by means of the use of the metronome, the precision is acquired, and it is important when the speed increases.

The use of this device makes possible to gain precision in the movements, and thus, it has the ability to increase the speed on the guitar without losing quality.


Technical development

In the same way that you acquire the ability to increase the velocity when playing, the use of the metronome also contributes to the correct development of the technique.

If you work with the metronome at low speed and perform all the movements properly, some technical errors can be detected, especially in changes of position of the guitar or in the position of the fingers.

To sum up, the use of this accessory is very important to improve the technique of the guitar player.


Safety in performance

The fact of using the metronome and studying the musical pieces to play them slowly, is also a way to remember the piece, and therefore, to obtain more assurance.

As you can see, there are many advantages of using the metronome, but how does it work?

Introduction on the use of the metronome

To start using this accessory, the first thing to do is to configure it in order to avoid the accents. We can put the slow rhythm of about 80 “beeps” per minute and play one note every 4; then, every two; and then, one note per “beep”.

Later, you should increase the speed. Finally, you’d be able to play using different rhythms.

You must always keep in mind that the first thing to do is listen. As we’ve already said, we must be friends of the device in order to avoid swinging to match up with it.

The metronome and the musicality

Although using this device is important, because it is fundamental to know the rhythm and the proper time of performance; we also have to take into account the musicality in the performance. You cannot play everything using the metronome, because the guitar player would be similar to a robot.

That is where the musicality of each player comes into play, to make possible the personal enjoyment of music and the enjoyment of the general public.

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