Alhambra’s Brand New Acoustic Guitars: 00-SSp & Dreadnought

We’ve got some good news from Alhambra guitars. They’ve just announced a couple of brand new acoustic guitars you might be interested in: the Alhambra 00-SSp and the Alhambra D-SR (Dreadnought).

Hearing from Alhambra is always good news.

Since we visited Alhambra’s dream factory, we became impressed with their attention to detail when making guitars. Well, I guess you couldn’t hope less from the biggest manufacturer of Spanish guitars in Spain.

We’re very excited with these new two acoustic guitars Alhambra has just announced. But before we show you a video of these guitars, let’s take a second to talk  about the specs of these guitars.

The first model we encounter is the Alhambra 00-SSp acoustic guitar. This model is made with a solid top where you can choose among the following woods: German spruce, cedar, sitka or adirondak—with back and sides made of sipo, rosewood or maple. And since all these woods are solid, that allows the guitar to sound louder and suitable for different styles.



The other model we find is the Alhambra D-SR (Dreadnought) acoustic guitar—built with the same materials as the Alhambra 00-SSp. This is a guitar for those looking for a deeper sound. It highlights a deep bass and high volume. Along with a medium range and treble tones.


Here’s a video of Jareth Jenkins trying out the new models. Judge for yourself:

The Alhambra 00-SPs and D-SR are already available at If you want to know when new guitars are released, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when they come out. Or if you want to take a look at other Alhambra guitars or other Spanish guitars, you can always visit our online store.