In your opinion – Raimundo 1495 Requinto

Take the fifth

A requinto (pronounced ‘reh-kin-to’) is a smaller sized guitar with a scale length of between 530 and 560 mm. The characteristics of this instrument vary from region to region: requintos made in Spain have a body depth that is similar to a standard classical guitar, whereas those made in Latin America (where they are very popular) have a deeper body of around 110 mm.

The advantage of a Spanish requinto compared to other special sized models, is that it is not only designed for young players, but is also ideal for musicians with smaller hands, or simply those who need an instrument that is easier to carry about.

Raimundo are not the only manufacturers to produce a requinto model, of course. But the Raimundo 1495 has carved out a well deserved niche in the market, due to its exceptionally good price-quality ratio. Ray from the UK, Guillermo from Puerto Rico and Antonia José from France all offered us their feedback.

Raimundo 1495: The depth of the body at the 12th fret is 89 mm and
92 mm at the lower bout

Ray – UK


Hope you are well?

Received the Raimundo 1495 guitar and case yesterday and I thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the way your company has conducted the business transition, I am very impressed.

The guitar is everything I was lead to expect from your superb web site, the quality of the guitars finish and sound for its size is amazing. The base note have a long sustain superbly contrasted by the treble strings. Its action is superbly smooth, and the tuning mechanism wonderfully easy all in all one very satisfied customer.

If you have the chance please pass on my sincere thanks to those at Raimundo for producing such a lovely instrument.

Yours most sincerely

The golden touch: Raimundo 1495 tuning machine

Setting the tone

Raimundo make guitars in every category, from student models to premium concert instruments at their workshop in Paterna, Valencia. Each one is made using the artisan methods of yesteryear, to the same exacting standards, regardless of the price. Naturally, one of the most important criteria is the careful selection of the tonewoods, these being inextricably linked to the acoustic properties of the instrument. Cedar and rosewood are particularly noted for achieving sustain, Ray, hence the choice of rosewood for the back and sides of the Raimundo 1495 and cedar for the neck.

High energy: the exquisite rosewood back and sides of the Raimundo 1495

Guillermo – Puerto Rico

Estimado Manuel,
Este requinto Raimundo 1495 es toda una obra de arte. Lo recibí ayer martes 19 a las 5:30 pm , y fue una gratísima sorpresa, pues su entrega se suponía fuera hoy.
(Aunque ese detalle me llevó a pensar ‘respetuosamente’ que se trató de una broma inocua y de buen gusto de su parte, como para acentuar la sorpresa, porque no dudo que usted estuviese ya al tanto del movimiento.)
El empaque fue genial: ¡parecido a la envoltura de una momia egipcia!
El acabado nos impactó de tal manera que mi esposa Margarita apagó el televisor
para admirar ese “espejo en madera”, como le llamó.
El exceso de tiempo dedicado a contemplar el requinto, me limitó el espacio para cambiarle las cuerdas e instalarle las Hannabach MT837, que resisten la afinación
comenzando con LA en la 6ta. Hoy terminé de afinar, pero faltará mucho tiempo para que “caigan en su sitio”. Aunque no esté afinado, el sonido es fuerte y agradable. Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable, el haber podido escoger las maderas, sin trabas de luthiers, y lograr un bello instrumento como este, cuya calidad sonora habrá de enriquecerse con el correr del tiempo.
En este año, Dios mediante, pensaba adquirir una guitarra Ramírez “Del Tiempo”,
con su estuche. Pero al tener en mis manos esta obra Raimundo 1495, seguro que cambiaré de parecer… Espero poder contar con usted.
Una vez más mi saludo y profundo agradecimiento, Manuel, por su ayuda constante para la tramitación exitosa de esta orden. Le deseo mucha salud y prosperidad.

The flawless finish of the Raimundo 1495 is like a wooden mirror

Mirror, mirror

When you hold up the solid spruce top of the Raimundo 1495 and observe the flawless gloss finish closely, it is rather like looking into an espejo de madera (wooden mirror), as Margarita noted. Furthermore, the ebony of the fretboard has a fine and even texture that polishes to an exquisite lustre, as well as adding a brilliant and dynamic touch to the sound.

This powerful and lovely sound, which Guillermo mentions in his review, is also something that defines Raimundo guitars across the board. A remarkable achievement for a guitar in this price range that will only get better, the more he plays, as Guillermo points out.

The Raimundo 1495 has easy playability: the width of the neck on the nut is 51.5 mm

Antonia José – France

je viens de recevoir ma guitare,

je suis vraiment très satisfait de mon achat, je ne me suis pas trompé,
elle à un son très équilibré et généreux c’est une grande guitare malgré sa petite taille. Très facile à jouer,
Merci et bonne continuation.

The sound chamber of the Raimundo 1495 resonates a nuanced and balanced sound

Easy does it

The size and shape of the Raimundo 1495 undoubtedly contribute to the comfort of playing this model, as they offer the musician improved control over the instrument. The smooth action also enhance the easy playability that Antonia José noticed when she first picked up her guitar.

Good things come in small packages

C’est une grande guitare malgré sa petite taille. At GFS we can’t make up our minds whether the Raimundo 1495 is a great guitar despite its small size or because of it . But we are in compete agreement with Antonia José that it is a great guitar.