In your opinion – Camps CUT900

Cutting edge

The Camps workshop in Girona, Spain has been a story of continuous innovation since the middle of the last century; a hub of non-stop activity where the fruits of creativity and technology have given rise to a succession of increasingly sophisticated student, classical, flamenco and concert guitars. Not to mention cut-aways, electroacoustic guitars and customized models.

The Camps Cut900 Electro Classical Guitar comes with a soundboard in cedar (shown here) or spruce

Cut out for you

The maxim of brothers Jordi and Javier Camps is to offer a collection of instruments in which ‘every musician can find a guitar that fulfills their requirements’. One such model that evolved to meet the particular needs of the professional electro-classical guitarist is the Camps Cut900, as Richard from New Zealand and Christos from France were happy to corroborate.

Comes with the electronics of your choice: Fishman Prefix plus T (shown), Pro-Blend or Flex Blend

Richard – New Zealand Camps CUT900 Electro-classical Guitar: cedar top; Fishman Prefix plus T


Just letting you know I received my guitar on the 31st of December and I absolutely love it!  It plays so beautifully with great projection, tone and sustain and looks stunning.  It is was a hard decision to buy such a personal thing without seeing it or playing it in person, but I could not be happier thank you!

PS – What are the strings that are on the guitar? (I really like them)

Thanks again,

The Camps CUT900 has a cedar neck with incorporated truss rod and an ebony fingerboard

Cut above

The solid soundboard of the Camps CUT900 (choose from cedar or spruce) guarantees a deep, dynamic projection, whilst the ziricote back and sides add warmth and balance to achieve a rich and powerful tone. The architecture of the cedar neck helps to promote the sustain that Richard mentions. An incorporated truss rod strengthens the neck, reducing the energy it absorbs from the vibrating strings: all that energy can then be directed towards longer sounding notes.

Camps CUT900 with six independent saddles; each string transmits its own signal to the pick-up

Cut to the chase

Richard asked about the strings on the Camps CUT900. We can conform these are D’addario EJ45FF. Each of them rests on an independent saddle made of bone, ensuring that each string exerts the same pressure on the piezoelectric pickup located under the individual saddles.

Camps CUT900 with stunning zizicote back and sides and sensuous curves

All play and no work

Camps (quite rightly) insist that playability is their number one priority, and their success in this field is patently obvious when you pick up a Camps CUT900. The ergonomic neck frame, meticulously calibrated string action and cutaway design all ensure this model is a joy to play, as Richard was quick to note.

Camps CUT900: rosette without a thorn

Christos – France  Camps CUT 900 Guitare Classique Electro; table en épicéa; E3 Fishman Pre-fix Plus

Je viens de recevoir ma guitare classique Camps. Elle est magnifique. Merci de votre cadeau. A très bien tôt. Excellente journée à toute l’équipe. 

The Camps CUT900 Electro Classical Guitar in all its power and glory

You say tomato

At GFS, we have no quarrel with the words chosen by Richard from New Zealand or Christos from France: the Camps CUT900 is both stunning and magnifique.

Worth mentioning here are the delicious contrasts of the woods, polished finish, sensuous curves and exquisite accents, including the maple binding and alabaster tuning pegs.

All this would be meaningless of course, if the sound didn’t match the aesthetics. But we’re talking about Camps, so there’s no question it does exactly that.